Find unique and wonderful items offered by over 70 exhibitors.
Please note, exhibitors are scheduled for either the First Half of the show (Friday, November 20 - Sunday, December 6), the Second Half of the show (Tuesday, December 8 - Wednesday, December 23) or for the Whole show. See the Exhibitor Categories for the participant list, booth numbers, and days of participation.  See the SITE MAP for booth locations.

Female Power Project

booth: 3 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ PRINTMAKING } Word and digital artist, Leda Black, celebrates courageous and defiant women with graphics in print and on garments

The EWBA Store

booth: 51,52 / Dec.8-23

{ PAINTING } Joyful, hand-made works using natural materials to celebrate life, love, and DC. Locally crafted by 3 artists with a mission to spread hope


booth: 2 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ PAINTING } All of my artworks are hand painted originals . Oil, acrylic, watercolor and ink.

Art by Zachary Sasim

booth: 18 / Nov.20-Dec.6

{ PAINTING }  Original acrylic and oil paintings and reproductions.

Cherry Blossom Creative

booth: 48 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ PAINTING } Colorful hand-illustrated maps of DC neighborhoods and cities.

Jonathan Blum

booth: 27 / Dec.8-23

{ PAINTING } I sell my original artwork which consists of paintings, drawings, collages, woodcuts, hand-painted silkscreens, and monoprints. I also sell limited edition prints of my work.

Marcella Kriebel Art & Illustration

booth: 55 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ PAINTING } Watercolors, Kitchen Towels and Illustrated Cookbooks that celebrate culture through the lens of food.

Painted Palettes

booth: 58 / Dec.8-23

{ PAINTING }  Watercolor and Calligraphy studio specializing in DC landscapes+ architecture watercolor, engraving, workshops, and home decor


booth: 16 / Dec.8-23

{ PAINTING } Fine Artist. Painter. Print Maker.

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center

booth: 18 / Dec.8-23

{ PRINTMAKING } Featuring sentimental and snarky handprinted cards, classic and boho accessories, letterpress printed calendars, handmade paper, journals, and original prints from local artists.

P.A.I.N.T.S. Inst.

booth: 31 / Dec.8-23

{ PAINTING } P.A.I.N.T.S. (Providing Artists with Inspiration in Non-Traditional Settings) is a DC organization providing STEM+Arts based educational programs, activities and opportunities, primarily directed toward youth and young adults in underserved communities. We create locally themed artwork and art themed, educational / inspirational apparel and merchandise.

Naked Decor

booth: 28 / Dec.8-23

Smart, Savvy and with a contemporary flair, Naked Decor redefines home accessories as something beyond mere decoration. Choose from vases, umbrellas, kitchenware and more.

The Neighborgoods

booth: 5 / Dec.8-23

The Neighborgoods is a one stop shop to pick up witty and unique gifts for any and all occasions based here in Washington, DC. They make the perfect holiday gifts your foodie friends and family will love.

Art Inca Native

booth: 9,10 / Nov.20-Dec.23

Simple in style, and most were made using either cotton or wool.

Maskerade by Kiwi

booth: 35 / Dec.8-23

Local made Masks made of 100% cotton, over 40 themes, cashmere scarves

District of Fashion

booth: 32 / Nov.20-Dec.23

International award winning fashion collective, District of Fashion debuts a pop-up open air boutique featuring local designers


booth: 16 / Nov.20-Dec.6

Laser Cut, Hand Finished... Modern Luxury Apparel for Men & Women

Indigo Moon

booth: 58 / Nov.20-Dec.6

Indigo Moon sells a variety of fun merchandise for all seasons, including pompom hats, super soft scarves, and unique print leggings.


booth: 51 / Nov.20-Dec.6

Handcrafted and unique scarves, shawls, pins, bags and ponchos made of felted merino wool with silk, organic cotton or linen designed personally by myself.

LittleTibet Boutique

booth: 24,25 / Nov.20-Dec.23

Tibetan yak wool shawls and blankets. Handloom Himalayan wool scarves. Tibetan meditation singing bowls for healing purpose.

Kerri Henry Pottery

booth: 49 / Dec.8-23

{ CERAMICS } Handmade ceramic pottery: functional works of art for your home including Mugs, Olive Oil pours, Serving Pieces and somethings that are just fun and cute.

Cecil Art Glass

booth: 46 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ GLASS } Self-taught glass artist with 35 plus years of experience creating Hand Blown and Sculpted Glass. Figurines, ornaments, marbles, sculptures, vases, perfume bottles and all things glass.

Joy of Glass

booth: 27 / Nov.20-Dec.6

{ GLASS } I make silver and glass jewelry, and glass art for the wall and table

New World Glass

booth: 19 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ GLASS }  Glass Art, Home Decor, Jewelry


booth: 49 / Nov.20-Dec.6

{ CRAFT } All CANIMALS! handcrafted sculptures are born from recycled cans and wire. We are playing our role in sustaining the earths balance

Chopstick Art

booth: 37 / Dec.8-23

{ CRAFT } Folding baskets made from recycled bamboo chopsticks. Great for fruit, bread and more

Circuit Breaker Labs

booth: 54 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ CRAFT } Shop Circuit Breaker Labs for handmade gifts, made in Maryland, with science & technology themes.

Hope's Journals

booth: 37 / Nov.20-Dec.6

{ CRAFT }  I hand sew acid-free parchment pages together and cover them with fine selected fabrics of cotton, and silk.

Made In DC/ Black Owned

booth: 39,40 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ CRAFT } Handmade gifts including apparel, body care, and accessories by women and minority owned busin

New York Puzzle Company

booth: 47 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ CRAFT } Jigsaw puzzles and playing cards featuring nostalgic illustration from books, posters, and magazines. Made in the USA

Godet Woodworking

booth: 58 / Dec.8-23

{ WOOD } I make custom hardwood furniture and high quality homegoods

Mistura Woodcoholics

booth: 6 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ WOOD }  Handcrafted Wooden Watches & Accessories

Baby Alpaca

booth: 60 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ IMPORTED CRAFT } Baby Alpaca wool clothes and baby and kid clothes of cotton with crochet appliqué

From Egypt With Love

booth: 53 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ IMPORTED CRAFT } From Egypt with Love sells hand blown Christmas ornaments and Mother of pearl jewelry boxes Made in Egypt

Journeys Spirited Gifts

booth: 56 / Dec.8-23

{ IMPORTED CRAFT } Unique, inspirational and fair-trade items from USA and around the World.

KVZ Designs

booth: 8 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ IMPORTED CRAFT }  Designed by Kristen then handmade in Guatemala via fair trade principles.

Mundo Handmade

booth: 11 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ IMPORTED CRAFT } Collaborates and ethically trades with artists from Nicaragua and features a unique collection

Silk Road Traders

booth: 12 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ IMPORTED CRAFT } Hand crafted home decor and accessories designed made in Turkey and Central Asia.

Souvenir Arts

booth: 15 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ IMPORTED CRAFT } A broad range of souvenir gifts: Egg-shaped souvenirs, New Year sets, handmade dolls, Carved wooden Santa Clauses and more

Toro Mata

booth: 7 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ IMPORTED CRAFT }  Fine handcrafted products of Peru, including: handwoven scarves and shawls of baby alpaca, nativity sets, iconography

Tunisian Touch

booth: 59 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ IMPORTED CRAFT } Tunisian hand made olivewood


booth: 52 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ IMPORTED CRAFT } Mens and womens sweaters, shawls, capes, hats, gloves made from Alpaca. Handmade ornaments and accessories, from Peru

The Choksey Group

booth: 23 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ IMPORTED CRAFT } We pride ourselves in offering a variety of selections of Columbia leather briefcases, wallets and leather accessories.

Sands of Time Bazaar

booth: 18 / Dec.8-23

{ IMPORTED CRAFT } Hand made items from Egypt and Morocco


booth: 35 / Nov.20-Dec.6

Weapons transformed into symbols of love. Jewelry upcycled from Vietnam War shrapnel and scrap that clears unexploded ordnance in Laos.

Turtles Webb

booth: 5 / Nov.20-Dec.6

Handmade contemporary art jewelry in gold and silver

Deco Etc.

booth: 22 / Nov.20-Dec.23

Fashion and silver jewelry

Lost & Forged

booth: 41 / Nov.20-Dec.23

Silverware jewelry and other lustrous metal creations, handcrafted from reclaimed vintage materials

Stio Design

booth: 17 / Nov.20-Dec.23

Pendants, earrings, rings from Ancient Greek and Roman coins. Large selection of unique cufflinks, and other wearable art

Southwest Expressions

booth: 26 / Nov.20-Dec.23

A collection of both Native American and Modern Contemporary gemstones inlay style jewelry. 

FarEast Antiques

booth: 44,45 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ COLLECTIBLES } Vintage travel posters hand made metal art and decoration lanterns paper stars

icons DC

booth: 28 / Nov.20-Dec.6

{ COLLECTIBLES } Design-forward Washington-themed gifts for the home.

Jentz Prints

booth: 20,21 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ COLLECTIBLES } Original antique prints and maps, Washington DC views, vintage Christmas postcards, advertisements, botanicals, anatomy prints and more.

Tom Rall

booth: 29,30 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ COLLECTIBLES }  Antique Maps and Prints, circa 1899, and contemporary art pottery, prorcelain, from Campbell Studios

Chouquette Chocolates

booth: 4 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ GIFT FOODS } Chocolate covered caramels for all occasions. Locally designed and inspired.

Mondepice Spices and Teas

booth: 33,34 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ GIFT FOODS } 4th generation familly business, We provide you with over 150 spices and herbs, 120 kinds of specialty tea , flavored sugars , Gift sets and more

The Capital Candy Jar

booth: F4 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ GIFT FOODS } We are Washington DC's hometown candy company. We make all of our products by hand in small batches in our store on Capitol Hill.

The Taste of Germany

booth: F2 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ GIFT FOODS }  Imported seasonal specialty food gift products.

The Baking District

booth: 50 / Nov.20-Dec.6

{ GIFT FOODS }  Creating delicious Homemade Baked Goods!


booth: 43 / Nov.20-Dec.6

{ GIFT FOODS } We make European style chocolate figures.

RAKO Coffee Roasters

booth: 1 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ GIFT fOODS } RĀKO Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee collective focused on sustainably sourced single origin coffees, environmentally friendly roasting practices, and advanced brewing methods

H3O Farms

booth: 38 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ GIFT FOODS }  High Quality, Chemical Free, Locally Grown - CBD Products and Gift packages

Banner Bee Co

booth: 31 / Nov.20-Dec.6

{ GIFT FOODS }  3rd generation local beekeepers offering raw & infused honeys, handcrafted beeswax candles & body care

The Big Cheese

booth: 50 / Dec.1-6

{ GIFT FOODS }  the highest-quality, most insanely aged Cheddar!

Coastal HoBo

booth: 13,14 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ SOAPS & CANDLES }  Family Owned & Authentically Crafted in Turkey

Joyful Bath Co.

booth: 36 / Nov.20-Dec.23

{ SOAPS & CANDLES }  Joyfully crafted natural bath and body care. Bath bombs, shower steamers, face and body soaps, hemp ultra therapy, soy candles, gift sets and more.


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