Every day you will find a variety of lively entertainment on the Market Stage. All types of musical acts- rock, jazz, gospel, folk, R&B, classical, blues, bluegrass and -- you name it, the Market has it.

And of course, it wouldn't be a "holiday" market without
some of your favorite seasonal standards.
Check the daily performance SCHEDULE for the acts and genres you like best.

49 Cent Dress
Classic Rock

49 Cent Dress delivers classic rock and pop favorites with a bluesy twist.
     Afro Nuevo
Latin Jazz

Afro Nuevo performs Latin jazz, cha-cha, guajira, son, and salsa with an Afro-Cuban influenced beat.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 2. 2:30-4:30     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 14. 5-7
All New Genetically Altered Jug Band
Jug Band

Featuring novelty songs of the 20th Century, the jug band performs obscure oldies and lively original tunes.
     Alligator Pears
Country Blues

Eleanor Ellis delights with unique finger-style guitar and vocals while Pearl Bailes dazzles on harmonica.
Scheduled Appearances: Nov 27. 12-2     Scheduled Appearances: Nov 28. 12-2
Alpha Dog Acoustic Blues
Acoustic Blues

Roger Hart tears it up on harmonica and vocals, accompanied by his talented band.
     Big Lunch

Big Lunch delights with a harmony-infused mix of folk, blues, rock, and pop favorites.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 1. 2:30-4:30     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 15. 12-2
Bill Baker Band
Original Roots, Americana

The band shows influences from across America's musical heritage in classic and original songs.
     Billy Coulter Duo
Acoustic Rock, Americana

Billy Coulter blurs the line between roots rock and power pop on his award-winning original songs.
Scheduled Appearances: Nov 29. 5-7, Dec 20. 5-7     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 12. 12-2
Blue Panamuse
Blues, Swing

The band's sassy vocals and tasty licks bring a fresh approach to classic songs from the 1920s to today.
     Carly Harvey & Dave Gorozdos
Blues, Jazz

Soulful vocalist Carly Harvey and keyboardist Dave Gorozdos perform classic jazz standards and stripped down blues.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 9. 2:30-4:30     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 11. 12-2
Christylez Bacon
Progressive Hip Hop

Christylez multi-tasks on the djembe, guitar, and human beat-box while storytelling through his lyrics.
     Clear Harmonies Carolers
A Cappella Holiday

The Clear Harmonies Carolers present a varied, energetic vocal program of seasonal music.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 15. 2:30-4:30     Scheduled Appearances: Nov 25. 12-2
Cooking With Gas
Blues, Swing, Jazz

Cooking With Gas serves fine music featuring generous portions of blues seasoned with jazz, swing, gospel, and folk.
     Dave Chappell Duo
Roots of Blues

Dave Chappell, one of the area's most respected musicians, plays blazing roots guitar.
Scheduled Appearances: Nov 23. 12-2, Dec 19. 5-7     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 7. 5-7, Dec 21. 12-2
DC Mudd
Old School Blues

Veteran musicians with rich vocal harmonies, award-winning DC Mudd doesn't stray far from real deal blues.
Gypsy Jazz

Celebrating the music of Django Reinhadt and gypsy jazz, Djangolaya plays swing, bossa nova, tango, and more.
Scheduled Appearances: Nov 25. 2:30-4:30     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 16. 2:30-4:30
Domenic Cicala & Thensome
Roots Rock, Americana

Domenic Cicala’s songs reflect musical influences from country to punk to Memphis style R&B to quirky folk/pop.
     Elsa & Tito
Latin American

Formerly in a popular Colombian rock band, Elsa Riveros bring her heartfelt vocals to her solo career.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 23. 12-2     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 20. 12-2
Emma G
Acoustic Soul

"Kiwi girl" Emma G brings sultry and gutsy vocals to her songs of empowerment, love, and respect.
     Erin Harpe Duo
Acoustic Blues

An authentic blues chanteuse,finger-picking guitarist Erin Harpe performs originals as well as classics from the 1930s.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 17. 12-2     Scheduled Appearances: Nov 26. 12-2
Fast Eddie & The Slowpokes
Blue-Eyed Soul

The Slowpokes' playlist is inspired by Chicago blues,West Coast Swing, Motown, and old rock 'n' roll.
     Flo Anito
Jazzy Pop

Classically-trained musician Flo Anito brings wry humor to her thought-provoking jazzy pop songs.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 8. 2:30-4:30     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 7. 12-2
Flo Anito & Seth Kibel
Jazzy Holiday, Classics

Washington-area favorites vocalist Flo Anito and wind instrumentalist Seth Kibel team up to present jazzy holiday music
     Gina DeSimone & The Moaners
Swing, Blues

The Moaners feature chilling multi-voice harmonies in an eclectic mix of blues and swing tunes.
Scheduled Appearances: Nov 29. 12-2     Scheduled Appearances: Nov 24. 12-2
Classic Rock, R&B

GrooveQuest engages audiences with upbeat music drawn from their vast repertoire of rock, pop, and R&B classics.
     Hokum Jazz
Vintage Blues, Jazz

Hokum Jazz entertains with a mix of pre-war blues, hot jazz, ragtime, swing and vaudeville from the 1920s to 1940s.
Scheduled Appearances: Nov 26. 5-7     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 2. 12-2
Howard University Jazz Choirs and Afro Blue

Howard's renowned program brings their youth choir, Jazz Singers, all-women Saasy, and award-winning Afro Blue.
     Ian Walters & Friends
Blues, Roots

Ian and his talented crew deliver crowd-pleasing, soulful blues, rock, swing, and country tunes.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 8. 12-2     Scheduled Appearances: Nov 28. 5-7, Dec 23. 5-7
Janine Wilson & Max Evans
Roots, Americana

Powerhouse vocalist Janine is accompanied by extraordinary guitarist Max on classic and original songs.
     Jelly Roll Mortals
Eclectic Roots

The Jelly Roll Mortals play original songs and unique versions of rock, country, power pop, and R&B classics.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 6. 5-7     Scheduled Appearances: Nov 25. 5-7
Jesse Palidofsky
Eclectic Roots

Jesse Palidofsky (piano, guitar, harmonica) plays swing, blues, and holiday classics..
     Jim Stephanson
American Songbook

Acclaimed vocalist/guitarist Jim Stephanson presents songs from across the American musical landscape.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 17. 5-7     Scheduled Appearances: Nov 30. 12-2, Dec 6. 12-2, Dec 19. 12-2
Jonny Grave
Slide Blues

Jonny Grave's distinct musical style reflects the influence of the old masters of traditional blues.
     Judge Smith
Roots, Rock

Judge Smith's arrangements of rock tunes feature distinctive vocal and instrumental harmonies.
Scheduled Appearances: Nov 30. 2:30-4:30, Dec 7. 2:30-4:30     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 11. 5-7
Karen Collins & Backroads Band
Honky Tonk

Backroads Band plays classic country boot scootin' two steps and buckle-polishing slow songs.
     Kentucky Avenue
Modern Americana

Kentucky Avenue brings rich and timeless harmony vocals to songs reflecting their classic country and rock roots.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 9. 12-2     Scheduled Appearances: Nov 30. 5-7
King Street Bluegrass
Bluegrass, Country

KSB delivers a kickin' acoustic mix of bluegrass, country, and folk music, with some spicy originals thrown in.
     Kiss and Ride
Blues, Jazz, Soul

Carly Harvey leads the ensemble on blues standards, originals, and bluesy arrangements of top 100 songs.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 15. 5-7     Scheduled Appearances: Nov 24. 2:30-4:30, Dec 22. 5-7
Kiti Gartner & Zachary Sweeney
Western Swing, Rockabilly

Kiti Gartner and Zachary Sweeney deliver western swing, rockabilly, and old country with a pinch of jump blues.
Irish, Step Dancers

Lilt plays captivating Irish jigs, reels, and hornpipes, with spirited step-dancers adding to the excitement.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 13. 5-7     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 23. 2:30-4:30
Los Caribbeat
Carribean Dance Music

Los Caribbeat delivers exciting Caribbean rhythms, Afro-beats, and jazz.
     Maureen Andary
Jazz, Pop

Maureen Andary delights audiences with the humor, grace, and cabaret vocal stylings of yesteryear.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 2. 5-7     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 14. 12-2, Dec 21. 2:30-4:30
Miss Tess & The Talkbacks
Americana, Blues

Miss Tess brings a jazz and old school vibe to her original songs and classic blues, country, and swing tunes.
     Moose Jaw
Bluegrass, Americana

Moose Jaw's unique, energic sound combines hard-hitting originals, eclectic covers, and driven bluegrass.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 22. 2:30-4:30     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 5. 5-7
Music Pilgrim Trio
World Music

This trio of virtuoso musicians improvise on diverse jazz, klezmer, Russian, and Latin American music styles.
     Nina Casey Trio
Swing, American Songbook

Nina Casey brings passion to American standards and sweet and visceral blues..
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 22. 12-2     Scheduled Appearances: Nov 27. 5-7
Painted Trillium
Celtic, Folk

From fast reels to airs and ballads, Painted Trillium performs traditional Celtic and folk music.
     Patty Reese
Acoustic Roots

Patty Reese brings her soulful voice to award-winning originals and songs from America's roots.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 14. 2:30-4:30     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 3. 12-2, Dec 10. 12-2, Dec 18. 12-2
Project Natale

Project Natale plays exciting, creative arrangements of traditional and original jazz compositions.
Pop, R&B

Effervescent ingenue Roquois writes and sings pop muic influenced by hip hop, rock, doo wop, and R&B.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 21. 5-7     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 12. 5-7
Andean Traditions

Playing panpipes and other traditional instruments, Runakuna's music transports audiences to the Andes.
     Seth Kibel Duo
Jazz, Klezmer, Holiday

Both master musicians, Seth on woodwinds and Sean on piano infuse jazz into classic holiday tunes.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 3. 5-7     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 4. 12-2
Smokin' Lounge
Pop, Rock, Jazz

Spanning six decades of tunes, Janna Audey and Rob Santos play classic rock, songs from the rat-pack era, and more.
     Snakehead Run
Jug Band

Snakehead Run plays the infectious, driving blues and jug band music of old-time acoustic string bands.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 13. 12-2     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 18. 5-7
Sol Roots Trio
Rock, Blues, Funk

With deep soul, Sol Roots Trio delivers a unique blend of energetic rock, raw blues, and funk.
     Split String Soup

From traditional bluegrass to classic rock and country, Split String Soup has an eclectic Americana sound all their own.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 16. 12-2     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 1. 12-2
Stacy Brooks Band
Blues, Jazz

Blues diva Stacy Brooks dazzles with her powerhouse, honey-toned vocals and engaging personality.
     Surf Jaguars
Surf Rock

This fun band jams the surf and classic rock tunes of carefree days and summer breezes.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 1. 5-7     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 8. 5-7
Swangbang Quartet
Swing & Twang

Award-winning guitarist Matt Kelley leads this hot band playing swing, country, rockabilly, and more.
     The 19th Street Band
Folk Rock, Americana

This high energy band brings old school instruments and a modern twist to folk, rock, and country tunes.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 10. 5-7     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 4. 5-7
The Fuss
Ska, Reggae

The Fuss plays ska, rock-steady, and early reggae with vocals, horns, keys, and more.
     The Gayle Harrod Band
Blues, Soul, Motown

Powerhouse vocalist Gayle Harrod's band delivers strong blues, soul, and R&B performances with rich vocal harmonies.
Scheduled Appearances: Nov 23. 5-7     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 16. 5-7
The Lovejoy Group
Jazz, Holiday

Vocalist Karen Lovejoy fronts this versatile ensemble serving up jazz, blues, and Latin rhythms.
     The Radiographers
Indie Rock

With catchy melodies, piercing harmonies, and instrumental musicality, the Radiograpahers explore indie rock and pop.
Scheduled Appearances: Dec 9. 5-7     Scheduled Appearances: Nov 24. 5-7
The Sweater Set
Folk Pop

The duo navigates the ironies of life, accompanying gorgeous harmonies on an array of instruments.
     Tritone Jazz Duo

Tom Kitchen is a classically-trained jazz guitarist who plays a variety of musical styles.
Scheduled Appearances: Nov 23. 2:30-4:30     Scheduled Appearances: Dec 5. 12-2