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Far East Antiques
Mohamed Elrafai
Annandale, VANov 26(M) - Dec 2(Su)B#43
Douglas Abbey
Washington, DCDec 6(Th) - Dec 13(Th)B#25
Jentz Prints
Ullrich Jentz
Brunswick, MDNov 23(F) - Dec 23(Su)B#7
Tom Rall
Arlington, VANov 23(F) - Dec 5(W)B#13, Nov 23(F) - Dec 5(W)B#14
Cardinal Chocolates Inc.
Jennifer Scales
Quantico, VANov 23(F) - Dec 5(W)B#15, Dec 13(Th) - Dec 23(Su)B#15
Abderrahmane Neggaz
Washington, DCDec 7(F) - Dec 19(W)B#60
Sarah Dwyer
Silver Spring, MDDec 7(F) - Dec 13(Th)B#29
J. Chocolatier
Jane Morris
Washington, DCDec 14(F) - Dec 23(Su)B#29
Oh-Mazing Granola
Stephanie Williams
Washington, DCDec 10(M) - Dec 12(W)B#19
Chris Vail
Falls Vhurch, VANov 23(F) - Nov 29(Th)B#55
Sweetdele's Sweet Treats
Deborah Brown
Washington, DCNov 29(Th) - Dec 2(Su)B#19
The Capital Candy Jar
David Burton
Washington, DCNov 23(F) - Dec 23(Su)B#64
The Taste of Germany
Arnim von Friedeburg
Bethesda, MSNov 23(F) - Dec 23(Su)B#62
Stephanie Willis
Washington, DCDec 7(F) - Dec 9(Su)B#57
BAMI Products
Bernadette Mayo
Columbia, MDNov 23(F) - Nov 25(Su)B#43, Dec 14(F) - Dec 23(Su)B#21
Black Oak Grooming Company
Patrick Gill
Washington, DCDec 20(Th) - Dec 23(Su)B#19
Coastal Home & Body
Michael Rhine
Nassau, DENov 23(F) - Dec 23(Su)B#49
Freres Branchiaux Candle Company
Colin Gill
Washington, DCDec 20(Th) - Dec 23(Su)B#19
Geeda's Hand Poured Candles
Anita Jefferson
Washington, DCDec 18(T) - Dec 20(Th)B#24
Handmade Habitat
Amina Ahmad
Takoma Park, MDDec 17(M) - Dec 23(Su)B#55
Andre Byers
Washington, DCDec 17(M) - Dec 19(W)B#19
Joyful Bath Co.
Rochel Roland
Bethesda, MDNov 23(F) - Dec 13(Th)B#21
Pure Palette
Usa Leckenby
Woodbridge, VADec 3(M) - Dec 6(Th)B#43